A simple script to serialize files

Recent changes

2010-06-24: (1.03)
  • added 'fullregex' block
  • changed config loading to recursive method (less code), fixed syntax checking
  • added loop syntax for 'summary' block (need to find some better way to have this feature, this is damn ugly!)
  • introducing 'summary' block
  • improved code aesthetics
  • changing 'global' block to 'preproc' and 'postproc'; 'global' will still be supported (treated as 'preproc')
2010-06-17: (1.02)
  • added regular expressions in patterns
  • added filesets
  • updated verbose information output
2010-06-15: (1.01)
  • if solution doesn't have a name specified, it will get an automatic one
  • introducing special params (see 'special params' section)
  • config file format changed
2010-05-20: (1.0)
  • initial version (1.0)